Friday, 1 May 2009

Rewards for secondary students: Everyone loves a trophy

Secondary school and sixth form students are difficult to reward because everything that teachers think is a 'cool' gift is seen as unsufferably nuff. [Note to teachers: Don't use the word 'naff' around students it, too, is uncool].

Tesco have started a line in cheap trophies and medals that are helping get around this conundrum. In the 'party favours' section I picked up 4 trophies (like the one pictured) and 5 medals. Each pack was £1. Although they are made of plastic students audibly "ooooh-ed" when I pulled them from my bag and were enthused more than I have seen this year. When the prize stakes were upped to "a packet of hula-hoops and a trophy" their work-rate tripled!

Any other good ideas for 'grown-up' rewards for students? Please let me know at