Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Put Your Clock Where YOU Can See It

After half-term, my school is piloting silent classroom transitions. Gone are the dreaded 10 second alarms at the end of lessons and twice at the end of break. I am ridiculously pleased. My previous school was a no-bells school and it worked well. The corridors were less crowded, students didn't get irate at the end of lessons plus students and pupils checked their watches frequently. New School definitely could do with these things. Plus I can't help feeling like moving around to buzzers is a bit demeaning. When I first started at the school my reaction was akin to Julie Andrews being made to whistle at the Von Trapp children. It just felt, erm, weird?

That said, we are going to have teething problems for one main reason. Many classrooms don't have clocks, and the ones that do have them above the whiteboard. This drives me crazy. Even though I move around my classroom my 'teacher-spot' is at the front, by the whiteboard. If the clock is behind me I can't see it and I'm less likely to stick to time.

Clocks should always be where you can see them -- preferably opposite your teacher-spot. If you feel super strong that students should be able to see a clock without turning around then ask the school if you can get a second one, but the main priority is that you can comfortably and easily see the clock.

PS - If anyone else has experience of silent transition schools and tips for helping with the change-over I would be grateful to hear from you.