Monday, 6 April 2009

About the author....

Hello....My name is Laura McInerney and after training through TeachFirst I am now in my 3rd year of teaching in a TF School in East London. This website shares some of the tricks I use to keep my students learning effectively. I'm not a pro-blogger (as the layout gives away) but I love talking about teaching and hearing the ideas of others, so please comment away! If there is a topic you would like tips for, or you wish to contribute an idea (I promise to credit you!) then, please email

The first two years of my teaching experience were in intense and I regularly trawled the internet to find practical tips. At the start I focused on behaviour management but increasingly it became about classroom management, assessment, time management and practical tips for organisation.

Let me be clear, on this website, I Don't Have "The Answers". But having read so many sites and trialled many, many techniques in my classroom I have worked out a few things that help students learn effectively. Whenever I mentor new teachers it is these tricks they are looking for. Not because they will work everytime with their students but because it gets them thinking about how to use the advice in their OWN classroom.

So, i figured, a repository of 'good advice' never hurts anyone. Writing down all the 'tips and hints' means they can be quickly shared, that others can add to the bundle and that I will be able to remember these tricks when I find myself facing a class who are eating me alive.