Monday, 11 May 2009

Inspiration for Teachers: Inject novelty into your day

This year I was provided with a shared office. Frankly it's no substitute for your own classroom and it makes teaching very hard (see here for tips if you don't have a classroom). BUT it does allow me to play pranks on my office room-mate. Early in the year I hid our boring school-issue phone (it was on his desk) and replaced it with this stiletto shoe phone. It raises a smile each time a student, teacher or technician comes in to make a call and is a great talking point with new visitors. Sure, an occassional grouchy person tells me I need to "put the other phone back" but it's been 9 months and so far I haven't been sent to the head.

When I did have a classroom I sometimes replaced board rulers with foam swords (you can still draw straight lines on them) or provided a giant pencil, like the ones you find in gift shop, as a replacement to a child who had snapped theirs in frustration.

I challenge you to find your own items to replace. See how many smiles you can raise!